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With nearly 40 years of extensive experience in transportation and working with drivers, LRI Logistics Corp. offers its customers exceptional knowledge and expertise in the supplying of driver services. We assume all essential human resource functions to allow our customers to focus on their core business.

•You do not need to recruit, advertise, interview or qualify the driver

•You are provided a driver with your required specialized skills and endorsements

•You are provided with a complete driver qualification file

•You are provided with a Class A or Class B driver that is qualified in accordance with FMCSA regulations

•You are provided with a driver that has passed a D.O.T. physical and pre-employment drug screen

•We monitor and manage the expiration dates on the driver's CDL, Annual Review and medical cards

•We obtain a new motor vehicle record (MVR) annually on every driver and as necessary

•We handle all drivers required record keeping requirements

•We administer all of the human resource and payroll functions

•When your company has a driver need, call LRI for a personalized plan to meet your needs.

Advantages to LRI

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